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Safeways Helmets PASO - € 145

The PASO competition helmet features the dynamic ultralight maxSHELL® design and an efficient venting system. The innovative sunglass visor allows to identify branches and other obstacles above head area. The state of the art quick drying microfibre interior provides the unmatched level of comfort. The unique KED® 3D adjustment and the QUICKSAFE® system easily adjusts to shape, size and height of each head. Sunglass visor. As an additional safety feature the helmet will be standard delivered with the silver full reflective bottom shell. But you have the option to choose from 5 other (non retro-reflective) colors, in style with your own design.

Sizes and weights

Sizes (cm) --52-5857-62-
Weights (g) --410440-
Ventilation --55-