Here you'll find most common questions and answers. Of course, it could be that your question is not listed, if so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How does it work?

Just follow the 4 steps.

First pick your sport - ski or snowboard, cyclist, skater or equestrian - and make a choice from our helmets. See the details, sizes and price. Confirm your choice with the size and you will be directed to our design configurator. Play, try, sweat and finally create until you are happy with your design.

Save your design by registering with an account or directly confirm your order with advance payment and within 4 weeks your own helmet is ready for shipping.

Is it difficult to work with the design configurator?

It's easy! With the design configurator you have all the tools at your disposal that you need to let your creativity converts your imagination into reality! Try our extensive library with backgrounds, textures or upload your own images. All function buttons come with a brief explanation, so really nothing can go wrong.

Please note that the colours on your monitor may differ from reality, depending on the settings of your screen.

Why do I need to confirm the size?

Helmets come in sizes. In order to print your design exactly on the correct location on the helmet shell, we need to know your choice.

You cannot simply copy a design from one helmetmodel to another. It will not fit with the ventilation openings.

Do I need to order immediately?

Once you've finished designing your helmet you can save your designs. Just register, get your own login details and save it in the ACCOUNT. Login again to review and change your saved design. You can save as many designs as you want for a period of 3 months!

Can I order several sizes in the same design?

After saving your design and size in your account you will see several options. You can re-name your design by using the RENAME button. By pressing the COPY button you have the option to place the design back in the configurator in another size. ATTENTION! If you choose for another size your design must be adapted to the milling lines of the helmet shell. Save and rename it, etc. etc.

Who manufactures my helmet?

Safeways is the producer of your helmet in close collaboration with KED Helmets from Freiberg am Neckar, Baden Württemberg – Germany.

KED designs, develops and manufactures all our helmets.

KED is the largest fully integrated European helmet maker and each and every helmet is completely “Made in Germany”.

KED won many design awards and is famous for its K-Star application for a full retro-reflective shell. KED is eco-minded and uses recyclable PETG for the outer shell and the helmets are considered one of the lightest helmets in the world.

Most helmets come with an integrated LED backlight in the Quicksafe strap adjuster.

Look at our [All about KED Helmets] page for more information and some video’s.

All KED helmets in the Safeways collection are CE and TÜV-certified and for the US market comply with all CPSC norms.

Where on the helmet is my design printed?

Our process is not comparable with airbrush or helmet skins.

Almost all helmets have the printing of the helmet on the “inner” side of the “outer” plastic shell. It may seem to you that the printing is on the outside, but when you closely study you will see the print is inside the shell. The main advantage is that the print is fully protected against falling or outer impact. Your personalized design will also be printed on the inner side of the outer shell and hence fully protected for damages.

Using stickers on a helmet is not good for the protective quality and is never as good and consistent as the Safeways helmets. So no outer application!

Can I use pre-designed helmets?

In GALLERY you see many examples created by our design studio and satisfied clients. Simply click on the design of your choice and you will be guided to the configurator with your choice loaded. Of course you can change and add your personal touch. Once you are happy you can save the new design in your Account.

What if I see a design in the gallery that I like and want immediately?

In the gallery you find many examples of helmets that our team liked so much that we decided to stock these for immediate purchase. Simply click the BUY button and you will be guided to the online shop of Safeways.eu where you can order for immediate delivery.

How to order?

Once you want to order we need more information from you - like delivery address. These details you provide in the secure login page and continue with your order.

Simply click the BUY button next to the helmet with your design and one (1) helmet adds to the Cart. Repeat the steps if you want more helmets up to a maximum of 18 helmets per one order.

Upon completion go to Cart and finish the payment. After 24 hours our process starts producing your unique helmet.

Can I order more than 1 helmet?

Yes, the order process allows you to order up to 18 helmets in any model, size and design you want.

The final order process calculates automatically your reduced shipping cost, because more helmets to one delivery address reduce the shipping cost per helmet.

If you want to order more than 18 helmets you can go back to your account where you saved your designs and start a new order process.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Pay-Pal and most common credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa and Ideal.

What does a unique Safeways helmet cost?

The price of the helmet of your choice is listed for the type and model with Step 2 and of course in your Account. The price includes 21% Dutch VAT, exclusive shipping cost.

Will I receive confirmations and receipt?

Yes. Upon payment you will receive an e-mail with an image of the ordered helmet(s), clear information and of course your invoice inclusive of 21% Dutch VAT paid, shipping cost and estimated delivery date.

Why do I have to prepay and can I change or cancel an order I've already posted and paid?

Since your design is fully customized and produced for you only, we cannot sell the helmet elsewhere. For this reason we need your full advance payment. For the same reason we cannot change or cancel your order, the process is fully automated and once started cannot be stopped.

However, we wait 24 hours before we actually “press” the button and if you feel any mistake made or change is needed, please contact immediately our helpdesk.

How long does it take to get my Safeways helmet?

Every Safeways helmet is an unique product and the production with the related quality control cannot be accelerated, please allow us 4 weeks to produce.

Do I pay shipping charges and how much? When and how do I get the shipping details?

Yes, shipping cost vary by country and the number of helmets we ship to you. Once we know your country, the shipping cost will be automatically calculated during the ordering process. We only use international courier services like DPD, FEDEX and TNT. To some countries we ship with a flat rate and some countries we need to consider Weight and Volume per courier. Our system selects the best and cheapest option for you. As an alternative you can select the option COLLECT. In that case a courier nominated by you can later pickup your order from our warehouse. As soon as your helmet is in our warehouse, it will receive a last check-out before packing and will be prepared for shipping.

Once your order is passed to the courier service, you’ll receive an e-mail with a “Track & Trace code” enabling you to trace the shipment.

In some countries an import duty may be levied.

Can I place an order for overseas delivery?

Yes, Safeways helmets can receive worldwide orders. However, shipping costs and delivery time differs by country. In some countries an import duty may be levied, however on a consumer product it is not likely to happen.

All Safeways helmets will be shipped via courier services. You will receive a “Track & Trace" code, which allows you to follow the shipping route of your package.

What is a Track & Trace code?

The shipping of your Safeways helmet by our courier service comes with a unique Track & Trace code. Using the link in your shipping confirmation e-mail allows you to follow your shipping status and shows the delivery date.

Can I have an order delivered to a PO Box address?

No, this is not possible given the fact that the courier needs a signature upon delivery.

What happens if I'm not home when the courier comes?

You will get a delivery notification from our courier service. This contains a number that you can call to make a new delivery appointment. If you do not contact the courier, a new attempt to deliver your order will be made.

If the delivery failed after, the package will be returned to Safeways Helmets.

What if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately we can imagine that you are disappointed with the result of your design.

From every shipped helmet real-time images are made in our shipping department before packaging and filed with your order.

If a mistake was made by us or the quality of the print is below our high quality level, we will ask you to return the helmet at our cost, through a RMA form, that we send you upon receipt of your complaint. In all fairness our customer service team will judge your claim and take a decision if we will substitute your helmet or reimburse you,.

How do I report a complaint or claim?

We do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible service. And if something goes wrong, we will quickly act to make it right. To file a complaint you can easily use the contact form or contact us at info@safeways.eu to notify our customer service and stating your order number. Upon receipt we will contact you ASAP!.

Is my complaint well supported and documented?

Your complaint is valid if it is not caused by deliberately damage or through negligence, improper use or improper maintenance.

Any claim after normal use of the helmet that is caused by not considering our guidelines coming with the instruction manual will be rejected.

KED helmets are considered amongst the most reliable helmets in the world and were built for heavy duty.

Can I choose different KED model or helmets from another brand?

No, you can choose only from our selection of KED helmets. KED is the reliable quality brand that manufacturers only CE, CPSC and TÜV approved helmets, Made in Germany.

If you find in the hughe KED collection a model that is currently not listed, it does not mean that we are not doing it. Simply let us know which model has your interest and the crowd decides our next model. We will keep you informed of the latest developments.

The delivery time may be shorter?

It usually takes less than 4 weeks to produce your unique customized helmet. So, with shipping added, you can have a fantastic helmet more or less within a month.

If you want for a business or activity to order at least 18 helmets and have them delivered to one address and receive them in less than 4 weeks, please contact us at info@safeways.eu or call us at +31 181-486122.

We can than see if and against what cost the helmet shipment can be accelerated.

Does Safeways offer a design service?

Yes, for larger orders we provide you with our design service. Do you want us to design a helmet with your logo or in your corporate identity, please contact our design studio: studio@safeways.eu or call us at: +31 181-486122

Do I get a better price when ordering multiple helmets?

Yes, with a minimum order of 18 helmets or more to one delivery address we offer a discount.

Please contact us for your quote: info@safeways.eu or call us at: +31 181 486122

What is the difference between airbrush and stickers or skins?

We work with an automated production process. Therefore, we can keep an attractive price point and lower in comparison with airbrushing.

Almost all helmets have the printing of the helmet on the “inner” side of the “outer” plastic shell. It may seem to you that the printing is on the outside, but when you closely study you will see the print is inside the shell, the main advantage is that the print is fully protected against falling or outer impact. Your personalized design will also be printed on the inner side of the outer shell and hence fully protected for damages and securing consistent quality. Fabric Skins are of course popular now, but you still cannot personalize it, like ours.

Using skins or stickers on a helmet is not good for the protective quality and is never as sharp and consistent as the Safeways helmets. So no outer application!

Intellectual property

We urge you not to use logos and/or characters etc. that belong to a third party. Please be careful with the copy- and property rights of others. We do not want to end up in legal claims.

Who owns my design?

You are obviously the “owner” of your own design, however by placing your order with us you also agree to our Terms and Conditions. Part of the condition is that you give Helmets.Safeways.eu the right to publish your design on its website. (Article 11/1)

In case you’re a “real” artist or “design agency” and feel that you want to protect your design under copyright or intellectual property, please contact our helpdesk and they will lead the issue to our legal department.